Monday, October 6, 2014

I'm Still Here!

I know it's been like forever (a month) since I've taken the time to blog!
Life has been going on around my house and with that brings husband out of town, orthodontist appointments, sickness, and this big boy having his first birthday!


And the sickness part was me. On the day of the party. STREP!!
Oh, I went though.  Just had to stay clear of everyone, which is hard with a family as loving as mine!! We like to hug!
But it's all good now.... A shot and antibiotics and I am back!
And tomorrow, this big guy is officially a 1 year old!
Time flies!
Anyway, I did manage to work on my October pack for my
 literacy stations.  This pack follows the Storytown skills sequence since that is our adopted reading series.
I am soooo loving using it!! I used to just put the recording sheets at each station and HATED it!  Papers ev-er-y-where!! And no one knew they were suppose to take a recording sheet from THAT station!
The idea of making a station packet is genius.  So a BIG THANK YOU to the amazing teacher who first thought of it!!
And adding the checklist to the front
so that they can keep up with what they have completed is GOLDEN!
You can check it out on TPT ! Hope it helps someone else
 as much as it is helping me!