Friday, September 5, 2014

3 States of Matter Kind of Day!

     We've been studying the three states of matter this week.  We've read about it, talked about it, cut out pictures for good examples of each, and today we did an experiment!!  Who doesn't LOVE a science experiment that is edible?!?! Well, the kiddos were certainly excited enough about it even if we had some doubters that it would actually work!! One little smarty, in one of my teaching partners rooms, looked oh so sad as he said his liquid mixture in the baggy would never make ice cream!! 
 He was very happy to be wrong about this!! 

Two of our second grade classes did the experiment today and the other two plan to do it next week.  My friend and I used different recipes (and I am told her's was much better!) and the taste was different but other than that, both classes were successful!! 
We had never tried this before so we were a little anxious.  

Basically, you use your favorite ice cream recipe.  (We both used vanilla, but I'm sure you could branch out and try other flavors as well!) Fill a gallon size bag half way with ice and add about a half cup ice cream salt.  Put about a half cup of your ice ream mixture into a snack size bag and seal.  Then, put the small bag inside the larger bag and seal. Shake the big bag until the liquid is yummy ice cream. (We worked with a partner and put two bags in each gallon size bag. They each took turns shaking and it was more than enough fun for the both of them!)  It seriously took like 5 - 10 minutes and it was done!  Amazing!!!!

Mine needed more flavor according to Ms. White from FirstGradeBlueSkies.  I didn't taste it because I am trying very hard to stick to this Bodies for Believers diet plan.  One bite of an unapproved food and I would stop burning fat.  I plan to have some ice cream this weekend but wasn't willing to let this throw me off lol!  So next time, I will use more vanilla and more sugar!!  Live and learn!  My kiddos never complained!! They were amazed that they had made ice cream just by shaking their ice cream baggy inside a bigger bag of ice/salt combination. Wish I had taken more pictures, but when you are mixing and pouring and sealing bags while cleaning up spilled mixtures, you kinda have your hands full!  Loved it though and I WILL do this again!!! 

We took a liquid, surrounded it with cold air and ice, and made a solid!! Hoping that the cold air surrounding the liquid was the only gas involved!