Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Saw this Linky Party and had to join in!! I'm usually not much of a party person, but this one looks like fun and I sooooo need some fun right now!  I'm just getting into this whole blogging thing and I am learning so much from all these experts.  Thanks for the help you guys!
I am really wanting to get out there, so follow me!

I am in Alabama and we have had such a tough time with this heat and lack of rain! I'm talking 90 degrees and up!   So thankful for what we are getting right now! 
 Gonna sound awesome when I get to crawl into bed!
So, I'm on this Bodies for Believers diet plan and I am missing my beloved ice cream terribly!  But, Dannon has this yummy Greek yogurt that fits into the plan as a snack, so YUM!  I saw another teacher friend with some delicious key lime pie flavor in the Dannon Light & Fit
so I am on the search for it now!
I know it's just September, but I am really thinking if I start Christmas shopping now, I'll be able to find some great items that will make the perfect Christmas gifts!
 Love to buy gifts when I am not pressed for time!
Back to the diet thing, I do miss my Blue Bell ice cream!  This plan does allow for what they call cold days where you can enjoy some of the stuff you think you're missing.  I'm trying really hard to be strong and not have the allotted 2 days a week.  But I feel one coming on pretty soon! lol
We are having our 1st Annual Reading and Writing Fall Celebration  the week before Halloween that will include a super fun carnival and pumpkin patch!  I am beyond excited, but also a little anxious! I want to go ahead and order the prizes
so I know they will be here in time!
We took an amazing trip this summer.  We spent two weeks out west and had the best. time. ever.  But if I could jump on a plane tomorrow, the destination would be Hawaii!! 
Go on over and join the fun!
Thanks for stopping by!!

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