Saturday, August 30, 2014

Paperwork, paperwork, and, yeah, more paperwork!

 So here we are, three full weeks and two days into the 2014 - 2015 school year.  I have already collected like 12 billion pieces of very important papers from each of my 15 students (yes, I got a new student since my last post). Full name, DOB, address, phone numbers, siblings, medical, and sooo much more info that I really do need but its scattered over all these different papers that need to be filed here and there!  So last year, I saw some smarty's idea of a single page to park all the info that I need at my fingertips.  Their sheet didn't exactly fit for me, but gave me the idea for making one that would.  I used it last year and had every intent to use it this year.  I even printed them out!! Then, my dear friend Paige that I teach with, shared her info sheet with me.  She had thought of a few more things that would be nice to have access to quickly.  So, as much as I hated to do it, into the trash went the fresh copies and I went to work on adding to my sheet! In the older version, I had everything on one sheet and just the front.  I had only a small space allotted for conferences, so after the new add ins I took the entire back of the sheet for a full chart to help me track all parent contact. It makes my heart happy to make my life a little bit easier with such a simple concept!  I'm sharing the finished product with you here.  Take from it what you need and make it your own or use it like it is! Happy Labor Day and rest up! You know you'll be getting a new student or two since you've already written in your grade book with ink and have your groups and partners so nicely divided!!

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