Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our E.A.G.L.E.S. binders

One thing that we started several years ago (like some of the kids that used these have already graduated), is our EAGLES binders.  The kiddos carry these back and forth every. single. day.  Eagles are our mascot, so we searched the internet for an acronym and this super smart person at Smiths Room had the answer we were looking for!! The site has an organizational acronym for just about any name you want! So, we made our cover and began.

We have 1 inch binders on our supply list and we request the ones with the clear pocket on the front.  Sometimes we get some without the clear pocket and we have made it work, but it's not ideal.
Next, we made labels for all the "stuff" we felt was important to keep in there and help the kids be more successful keeping up with their papers.  This led to us seeing that we needed a couple of page protectors, a pocket folder with holes, a pencil pouch, and recently a tab divider for poetry!

When you open the binder, the first pocket is labeled "In The Know".  This is where we have the students put any notes so the moms know just where to look.  And the moms can put notes there for us!  In the beginning, we do remind them to look to see if they have something for us.  But after the first couple of weeks, we hand over the responsibility to the students.


The first item added is a pencil pouch.  This can be a place for pencils for homework and also any money that they might need.

The next page is a page protector that holds the calendar for the month and, behind that facing out, is the study guide for language arts for the week.  We keep the study guides from year to year and has really cut down on copying!!  The calendar includes the lunch menu, tests for the month, and any extra activities that might be going on for that month.  The calendars just get tossed at the end of the month.

The next item added in is the pocket folder.  The pockets are labeled "Grade Sheet" and "Super Duper Work".  The grade sheet side holds the graded tests and the printed out progress report from iNow.  The super duper side holds any sheets that we worked on in class and I checked over or artwork.   These papers go home to stay, while the test papers come back for me to file with the signed grade sheet.


The next page is in a page protector to keep it from being pulled out, but they actually write on this one.  Its a fluency and comprehension sheet from The Second Story Window.
This is our first year to use this.  In the past, we had a fluency passage each week with a calendar for the parents to record the words per minute.  This was obviously not working when you have them returning the calendars at the end of the month----empty!  With this new fluency passage, it also has questions and directions for the parents.  This gets turned in weekly so we will see how it goes!  I have high hopes :). 

Next, we have the poetry section.  This is also new this year.  It includes a student made table of contents as we go and a poem gets added each week that goes along with our theme that week!! Just a little extra fluency practice that's fun!

And last, but not least, the Homework pocket is the
pocket in the back of the binder. 
Any unfinished work or extra practice goes here!  
( Apparently, I forgot to take a picture of that but I'm sure you get the idea!)

Whew!  I promise I won't always write a book when I post!! I just saw some questions out there about keeping students organized so I thought I would share in hopes that it might help!