Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Linking Up for Organization Tips

There are several little  things I do to try to keep my self organized that would probably seem silly to some, but it's all in what works for you I guess!  I'll just share this one that has totally changed needing a sub and getting together plans for me!
Last year, we were expecting our first grandbaby.  So I thought I had better have my act together ahead of time in case the Nana nerves kicked in and I just couldn't get sub stuff together on the fly.  I've always had a sub binder with the important stuff like emergency plans, attendance register, contact numbers, you know! But I wanted things to go as smoothly as possible for all involved so I could enjoy this amazing time for us.  I started keeping all the papers for the week in separate colorful folders for the day of the week that they were needed.  Nothing much new here.....I'm sure most teachers do this.  Then I printed off a schedule for each day to include what the students usually did for whole group, small group, independent work, bathroom breaks, specials, EVERYTHING that was happening that day.  Now of course it had to be somewhat generic and not include the actual page numbers but it gives enough to help keep the structure there.  Now whether or not the subs like it, I don't know.  But, anyway, I attached the schedule for the day on the days folder.  Now, before I leave each day, I leave the next day's folder out and ready for me and also just in case something comes up!  Sure has made things easier for me! 
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