Sunday, August 17, 2014

What I've Been Up To!

Good thing teachers only work 5 days a week 8:00 - 3:00, right?
I've been as busy as can be trying to get
myself organized so the year will
run as smoothly as possible. 
 We've always had pacing guides that we set up each year, but they're for each subject separately.  And we've always tried to tie it all together when planning each week.  I've been feeling the need to pull it all together in a yearly plan to help me organize what we'll be teaching and how we can tie it together across the content areas.  I'm also going ahead and adding the standards so when lesson planning time comes, it will already be there. (I must add here that I am blessed beyond measure with fantastic coworkers that carry the load with me!) It's also helping to  make sure we cover all the standards since I am making notes on a checklist for all the standards.  I'm almost finished with everything but writing.  We are beginning a new writing program called "Being a Writer" so I'm not clear on how we will implement this yet.   (Anybody using this already???) We are going to have some PD on this soon, so then maybe I can get that part added too.  So far, I am loving the ease of everything being together.  I am walking out on faith that all the extra work now will help me to plan ahead for special guests or special events that
we can add to our lesson plans and
keep these curious second graders engaged. 
 I'll share more about this when it is complete!
I've also been working on a couple of things to pair up with our reading stories.  We are still using Storytown and the first story is Arthur's Reading Race. I tried using Paint for the first time and created a craftivity with the main character. 
You can get that here for free!
This summer I created a close read pack on aardvarks that I am going to use for science this week!
You can see more about that here on TPT!
The second story in our series is Frog and Toad All Year.
I also created a close read pack for this on Frogs.  I plan to use this for our science for the week.  I added it to my store today too!
Clicking on the picture above should take you to it in my store!
So that about sums up what I've been doing classroom related this past week/weekend/very late nights!  We're also car shopping and I'm sure y'all know how much fun that is!  I should be excited, but I soooo hate deciding which car will be what we need/want!
And, of course, I hate the payments!
Hope y'all have a blessed week!  I'm sure going to!

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