Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Here I go!

I've been on the fence about this for some time, but just never committed to it...Partly because of the time involved and partly because I see all the other wonderful bloggers that I get AWESOME ideas from and I wondered how I could possibly contribute anything that these talented teachers have not already shared?! The deciding thought that pushed me into the cyber world? I still want to grow as a teacher (and every other area of my life, except weight lol) and I think that being a participating part of this blogger family will help me to become a better educator. Selfish? Maybe.  But I'm just being honest!!
This picture is several months old.  P is 10 months now!!
So a little about me.....
I am a Christian, wife, mother of three, MIL to two, Nana, and teacher!! I wear a lot of other titles too but this is enough to mention at the moment!  I love my life and where God has me right now.  My husband, Jon, and I have been married for almost 27 years.  ( I would add something mushy here but who wants to hear it?) We have two boys.  Kyle (Lauren) 25, Jake (Keri) 21, and one daughter, Kara 13.  Jake and Keri have given us the most precious grandson, Preston.  I just started my 22nd year teaching at the same school I attended from 1st through 12th grade.

From the title of my blog, I guess you see that I teach second grade.  I taught fourth grade for about 7 years before making the move to the primary grades.  Best change EVER! 

To keep from making this the longest blog post ever, I will stop here and just welcome you to my blog!  I am so glad you stopped by and I hope I can share some things I am doing that are helpful!

And, of course, I've been sharing a little on TPT!!

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